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“There’s something happening here…” April Newsletter

reba, April 7, 2017

Take Action Today

What matters more, solving climate change or scoring political points?

It’s hard to find common ground with folks who think differently. But working across the aisle must happen if we’re to solve a problem as big and thorny as climate change.

The Climate Solutions Caucus is sometimes called the “Noah’s Ark” caucus, because Democrats and Republicans are required to join alongside each other. There are 435 members of the House. 34 of them are on the Climate Solutions Caucus. 1 is from Northern Virginia.

When the fate of our planet is at stake, partisanship must be checked at the door. Urge your representative to work across the aisle.

When it comes to climate change, we’re in this mess together. We can only get out of it together.

Neighbors at Work

    • The People’s Climate March is quickly approaching. If you haven’t already, please mark your calendar for April 29. Carbon polluters are in the seats of power. Our voices signal an important call for change. You are needed.

    • If your place of worship, environmental committee, or any other group is attending, please take a moment to register your group. This quick (2-minute) form will make sure that you’re in the pipeline for breaking news and resources.

    • Fairfax County has joined the Solarize program. This is a terrific step forward! Through Solarize, residents and businesses agree to buy solar panels at the same time. Through their combined purchasing power, the cost of the panels goes down. Kudos to the county’s leaders and to all of the residents who advocated for private-sector energy assistance through Faith Alliance and our partners.

  • Get more information and register for the Solarize program here. When you register, you’ll receive information about the program and next steps. Congratulations again to the county’s leaders and to all of you who encouraged them to act.

Community Event

The United Methodist Church is hosting a Caretakers of God’s Creation conference the day before the march. This isn’t just for Methodists: scientists and interfaith leaders will speak, and hands-on workshops will prepare you to take action. Learn more and register here.


There is a lot of excitement about action on climate change.

But how do we translate excitement into progress? What happens the day after the People’s Climate March?

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions will be here. Over the past four years, we have done the dogged, un-glamorous work of fighting for progress on climate change in our local community.  

We have been here. And we will continue. We’re committed to making change possible for the months and years ahead.

But only with your support. Our goal is to raise $5,000 by Earth Day. Will you take action by donating today?

Your support is essential to keep the momentum alive for the day after the march and the year ahead. Please make this work possible with your tax-deductible gift. Donating is an important way to take action and keep the movement going.

Thank you!