Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions unites people of faith to develop local solutions to the climate crisis. We pursue four purposes in our work:

  • sound an ethical and spiritual call to address climate change;
  • encourage moral climate policies from a nonpartisan perspective;
  • enable congregations to do good works that protect our planet and its people;
  • empower congregations to become champions of change.

We work primarily on the local level, and occasionally on the state level, where we can have the greatest impact.

We work with people of faith. Faithful voices are valuable in the conversation on climate change, and faith-based action draws on a deep well of love for each other and the planet we share.

Our network includes Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Mainline Protestant, Hindu, Unitarian Universalist, Society of Friends, and other traditions. Our work is done in Northern Virginia, with a primary policy focus on Fairfax County, the most populous jurisdiction in Virginia.


  • A small group of passionate people of faith gathers in a church basement in Oakton to reflect on a faithful response to the climate crisis. Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is born of their commitment to change.


  • The first Earth Day community event is held, drawing 80 people and U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly.
  • The Community Council is established.
  • Outreach to Fairfax County and state officials begins.


  • An Earth Day event draws 120 people. Sharon Bulova, Chair of Fairfax County Supervisors, is one of the speakers. A successful global music concert emphasizes that climate change is a global issue. 
  • Supported by enthusiastic public interest, the Community Council doubles in size from the previous year.
  • Congregations work to become more sustainable through actions including building community gardens, exploring solar, and holding climate change education events.


  • An Earth Day event to encourage Virginia Gov. McAuliffe to act on sensible limits on carbon pollution is held. It is the largest event of its kind in the Commonwealth.
  • As a result of growing awareness and enthusiasm, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions continues to grow rapidly.
  • A new program, the Green Team Advisory Program, is launched to extend and systematize support to congregations.
  • Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions wins victory in a campaign to secure the public release of data on how much energy Fairfax County uses in its buildings. Thanks to the Faith Alliance’s work, a public-facing website is released.
  • Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions collaborates with partners to hold Fairfax County Public Schools accountable in its plan to install solar panels on County schools.