Is your Congregation interested in becoming involved with Faith Alliance for Climate Solution?

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is a growing organization full of dedicated interfaith groups working to be stewards of the earth!

Joining is easy! Send an email to expressing interest. Jackie will follow up and meet with you or members of your congregation to discuss how Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions can best work with your congregation. You can also fill out our membership interest form.

Check out our Membership Flyer!


How Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions works:

Community Council: We ask that each congregation have 1-3 appointed members who take part in our monthly community council meetings. These meetings discuss ongoing advocacy work, events to participate in, and environmental events held by congregations.


Green Teams: We have dedicated volunteers who work with congregations to give them resources to discuss how faith and the environment are related. 


Events: Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions has four events each year for members to meet and discuss what they’ve been up to!


Advocacy: Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions advocates to different Fairfax County entities. Becoming part of our organization means that we provide you with resources to advocate for specific environmental campaigns in the Fairfax Community.


Youth: Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is an organization for youth and adults. We provide resources and events that are accessible to youth. We also link them to different youth led campaigns for advocacy work.