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Green Teams

Through our Green Team Advisory Program, we devote our expertise in faith, organizing, and environmental issues to strengthening congregations’ care for our common home. We help your congregation fulfill its own goals on environmental stewardship.

We work with both new and experienced teams. Our program partners achieve goals around four pillars: stewardship, faith, community building, and advocacy.

We provide a dedicated consultant who can give practical advice, answer questions, provide resources, and connect each activity to the big picture. As an example, we’ve supported the following activities:

  • holding an environmental movie screening and discussion;
  • making the transition from disposable dishware to reusable dishware, with buy-in from members, clergy, and staff;
  • bridging the generation gap between youths and seniors through a climate-friendly potluck and youth presentation;
  • planning and planting a native garden with trees.

The green team advisory program is offered free of charge.

For more information about joining the program, please complete our quick information sheet. These 5 simple questions will help us understand your needs, and we’ll respond quickly with next steps.

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