Fairfax to Zero is an ambitious effort to promote local policies that will reduce greenhouse gases by 2% every year, reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.  

Fairfax County will take bold, urgent and sustained actions to become a leader in local solutions to climate change. Specifically, Fairfax to Zero advocates to:

  • Craft a comprehensive county-wide Climate Action Plan to implement the county’s new 10 year Environmental Vision, including annual and capital budget allocations and performance metrics
  • Publicly account for progress meeting the Supervisors’ commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions county- and region-wide 2% annually.
  • Install solar panels on county schools and government buildings, and promote installation of alternative energy in homes and businesses.
  • Form a public-private sustainability coalition to bring together government, faith communities, labor, business, health care and educational organizations to drive a low carbon/no carbon future for the county.

In the first year of Fairfax to Zero we’ve made notable progress:

  • The Fairfax Board of Supervisors adopted its first ever County Operations Energy Strategy, allocating $4.5 million to begin implementing the plan.
  • The Fairfax School Board committed to a feasibility report on solar for public schools, unanimously supported a resolution on climate change, and is working with the Board of Supervisors on a joint energy legislative package for Richmond.

  • We sponsored events and opportunities for our network, including one focused on Zero Waste, Plastic Free Fairfax, and our first Sustainability Awards recognition program.

  • In September, we hosted the Virginia Climate Crisis Forum with Virginia’s two Senatorial candidates, putting together their views on solving climate change before the public.

So how can YOU help?

  1. Grow the movement by collecting petition signatures online.Here is the link to the online petition: Fairfax to Zero petition.  Share the link with others across Fairfax County by email or on social media. Collecting petition signatures to present to supervisors at meetings will show that we have broad support for ambitious action to address climate change.  You can find a printable PDF of the paper petition here to print and collect at your events. 
  2. Join a FACS Advocacy Team. FACS organizes Advocacy Teams that are organized by district in Fairfax County. Each team is led by a volunteer Advocacy Team Leader. FACS convenes monthly advocacy webinars to share information and updates related to our advocacy. Interested in learning more? Read our Advocacy Team Member Role Description. If you’d like to join an advocacy team, email info@faithforclimate.org and we will connect you with a team leader. Be sure you include your Fairfax County district in your email; you can find out which district you’re in here: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/myneighborhood/.
  3. Shape Virginia’s Climate Strategy: Send a comment card to Governor Northam. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is developing the Governor ‘s climate strategy. Send Governor Northam your input and amplify the voices of faith in Northern Virginia.  Fill out an online comment card here! Download the comment card to print and collect signatures at your next green team meeting. Comment cards must be submitted by the end of November.     
  4. Engage with your district supervisor to urge for climate action within our county. Utilize social media to reach members of the board of supervisors and to share our goals.  You can use our guide here.

Visit our Fairfax to Zero Campaign Page to learn how you can support the campaign and take action.