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When worry takes over

reba, May 16, 2017

By Pastor Sarah Scherschligt, Peace Lutheran Church In mid-February, I was distressed. We were in the midst of that string of beautiful, unseasonably warm days that were, if taken at face value, simply delightful. Some people enjoyed the weather without a care. My Facebook feed was full of pictures of people in shorts, golfing or… Read more »

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“There’s something happening here…” April Update

reba, April 7, 2017

April Update Since the election, it seems that I keep having the same conversation. Everyone is saying that something is in the air, that they are seeing folks come alive like never before.  In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken with dozens of people who are starting action groups, speaking with their elected officials, and… Read more »

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Becoming a Climate Champion

reba, March 17, 2017

Someone has said: “When times get tough, the tough get going.” For climate activists, environmentalists and all who care about creation in its infinite glorious expressions, these are troubling, difficult and painful days. Hearing the purported budgetary and policy amputations at the EPA and other government agencies portends ill for the future of all life…. Read more »