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When we speak with local officials, they often tell us that they want to act on climate change, but that they need support from constituents. From every side of the political spectrum, we hear good intentions. We don’t see enough good work.

People of faith want to protect our shared home and vulnerable neighbors. Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is faith leaders’ pipeline to local climate progress.

We are currently working toward the following policy goals:

  • support the county in achieving its goals set forth in its Cool Counties pledge
  • install solar panels on Fairfax County schools;
  • and enact sensible limits on carbon pollution in Virginia.



Here are a few ways our members can voice our goals within Fairfax County, including signing our petitions and utilizing  social media to reach members of the county government. Please use this toolkit as a guide to the steps YOU can take to advocate for our shared community!  Toolkit to Support FACS



Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is a 501(c)(3) organization, and does not engage in partisan activities. We do not work for or against specific candidates or parties. All are welcome at the table.